Michael Procko

Hello, my name is Michael!

Here, you’ll find a brief summary of who I am (below), as well as tabs above to showcase my CV, deliverables from projects I’ve worked on, and information regarding my experiences in education.

If you’re interested in collaborating on anything wildlife-related, or have an interest in wildlife/recreation/park management, I encourage you to reach out! I’m always looking for new connections and would be happy to talk with some new faces about virtually anything. You can reach me at xprockox@gmail.com, or through any of the social media tags included above.

Who am I?

I acquired my BA in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado, graduating magna cum laude after defending an honor’s thesis regarding wolf management in Yellowstone National Park. I also obtained my MSc with the Wildlife Coexistence Lab at the University of British Columbia, graduating with honours after defending a thesis which examined wildlife displacement by recreation and logging in and around a heavily-visited protected area.

Now, I’m a Research Scientist with the Prugh Lab at the University of Washington, working with Washington Dept. of Natural Resources and the Tulalip Tribes to understand how recreation impacts elk in the North Cascades. Additional roles I have worked in include working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife on a cougar and mule deer collaring project, post-fire forest regeneration surveys in eastern Oregon, and I have extensive experience with teaching and curriculum design at the university level. You can read more about both my research and educational backgrounds in my CV, or in the tabs located above.